School of Management

School of Management

Programs Offered

Business Management

  • BS Business Administration
  • BS Office Administration
  • BS Entrepreneurship
  • Associate in Office Administration

Hospitality Management

  • BS Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • BS Tourism Management
  • Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management


School of Management positions itself as a premier center for management education in the region. As an academic center, it aims to:

For Business Management

  1. Provide graduates with sufficient management learning tools and references to enhance creative learning through researches.
  2. Produce graduates with managerial skills for gainful employment locally and globally.
  3. Provide enhancement trainings through on-the-job-training (OJT) experiences in related business.
  4. Enhance the capability of graduates to become highly qualified for the job employment.


Aside from the objectives stated above, the institution declares the following for itself:

1. Under this program, GVCFI aims to provide the students with complete facilities and learning tools, conductive learning atmosphere, and qualified instructors who competent and their own areas in consonance with CHED’s requirements.

2. GVCFI aims to create desirable image in the communities by producing career professional who shall possess the potential of becoming an asset to the workplace and the community in general imbued with managerial acumen and leadership potential in the field of business.


For Hospitality Management Program:

  1. Conduct periodic review of the curriculum, as needed in order to upgrade the offerings and integrate trends and changes that may enhance the curriculum, and produce graduates with high degree of competence as job requirement
  2. Conduct industry checking and establish networking locally and internationally in order to determine employment demand for BSHRM graduates.
  3. Determine the problem areas on employment of graduates of BSHRM and offer possible and workable solutions.


Aside from the objectives stated above, the institution declares the following for itself:

1. As an institution for higher learning, GVCFI shall be inconstant search for the determination of possible areas in Hotel and Restaurant Management courses for integration into its general curriculum for the 4-year BSHRM degree program.

The growing demand for motivated, competent and qualified business graduates has prompted the institution to offer intensive and relevant programs handled by experienced and driven management educators and professionals.